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Guide for Servion Partners

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(Please do not use on website until January 1, 2018.) 

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New name, same identity – a letter from President/CEO Brad Crandall.

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Beginning on January 1, 2018, we will become The Servion Group.

In the coming months, we will unveil a new name and bold new look for CU Companies, which includes our logo, tagline, and website. 

This new look goes hand-in-hand with the next chapter in CU Companies’ story. Our look may have changed but who we are has not. Since we were founded by three Minnesota credit unions 30 years ago, service has always been at the center of our culture. Now, our name says what and who we are: a financial services company dedicated to serving all our users well – be they our owners, partners, or consumers.

I do business with CU Companies, where can I find resources to navigate the name change?

We’ve gathered the necessary logistical information you need here, including all of our business units: mortgage, realty, title, financial advisors, and commercial loan resources. 

By Dec. 1, we will post our Guide for Servion Partners. You’ll find a link to that document here on/after that date.

If you make payments on your mortgage to C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc., or on your commercial loan to CU Member Business Inc., you will receive a mailing at the beginning of December that provides instructions.

Clients of CU Preferred Investments & Insurance will also receive a mailing at the beginning of December with name-change instructions. See “Will CU Companies’ web address change?” below for information on their new web address. 

If you use one of our logos on your website, you can download it here.

If you need further assistance, contact us.

Why the change? Is the culture changing?

We put service in our name because it is #1 in us. We have a Be the Solution mindset and it runs throughout the entire organization. That doesn’t happen everywhere. We want to honor our history by placing our core principle on centerstage. A new name also reflects our diversity in offerings and more clearly aligns us with our various audiences throughout the United States.

Servion was built from attributes that we’ve always possessed. It conveys responsiveness and trust, that we are creative problem solvers, and it represents a sense of commitment, support, and availability. Those have been and will continue to be our culture and our attitude toward how we serve. 

Will CU Companies’ web address change?

Yes, our new web address will become www.MyServion.com on January 2, 2018.

While you’ll see the beginnings of our emails are the same, the endings will change to @myservion.com on Jan. 2. 

For individuals making payments to C.U. Mortgage Services, Inc., the website to access the payment portal will change on January 1, 2018, to https://MyServion.estatusconnect.com/#/home/login. You may also click on the Access My Mortgage link at our homepage, www.MyServion.com.

For individuals looking for educational information and other resources for financial planning, the CU Preferred Investments & Insurance website address will change to www.ServionFA.com on January 1, 2018.

For individuals searching for a new home or looking for home buying and selling information, the CU Realty website address will change to www.ServionRealty.com on January 1, 2018.

What should I take away from the Servion colors and tagline?

Our colors define a brand that’s strong, energized, and full of meaning. We expanded the color palette to one main color and individual colors for each business unit. (The old CU Companies branding had only one main color with a secondary color.)

Blue has been a primary color for our brand. It also is a trusted color in the financial services industry. While also staying in the blue family for our new primary color, we chose a more vibrant blue to add freshness. This helps provide continuity in our brand while also acknowledging our heritage.

We wanted to show energy in our colors to reflect the drive and passion that our culture possesses. The accent colors for each business unit provide the opportunity to reinforce our brand values around friendship, innovation, leadership, and trust. Assigning a color to each business unit allows those units to develop their own brand equity.

The Servion tagline – Service. Solutions. Success. – expresses our commitment to earning your loyalty by delivering personalized service and competitive financial products. It isn't just a statement, it is our partnership formula. We will be accurate and timely, we will provide solutions, and we will contribute to the success of our partners.