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Protect your real estate purchase. Our title service professionals know the local market and are dedicated to ensuring your real estate investment remains intact, plus we offer flexible closing options that work around your needs. Our title services also include junior mortgage policies, owner & encumbrance reports, and so much more.

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Contact Debbie Mattson at CU Title Services Manager, at dmattson@cucompanies.com or call 1-800-766-5626.

CU Title's Products

  • First Mortgage Lender/Owners Title Policies
  • Commercial Closings
  • In-House Closing Services
  • Junior Mortgage Policies
  • Owner & Encumbrance Reports
  • Recording Services with Each Transaction

CU Title's Unique Services

Notary Closings

CU Title has developed a program where the actual signing of the lender's closing documents can be done at the originating loan officer's branch location.

There is no additional charge to a borrower or branch serving as an authorized notary for closings. In fact, the branch conducting the notary closing receives compensation from CU Title for their time.

Witness Closings

When closings are out of the Twin Cities metro area, CU Title offers the ability to conduct closings at its underwriter's partner locations - for the borrower's convenience - at no additional charge.

Mobile and Skype Closings

CU Title Services, Inc., has expanded its availability by offering mobile purchase closings. Mobile closings are a great way for CU Companies' owners and partners to provide convenience by hosting closings at their offices for purchase transactions.

The mobile and Skype closings will work the exact same way as they always have when closing at CU Companies; the only difference is where the closing is taking place. If a borrower wants to close at their financial institution, then a CU Companies closer will meet them at that location and the closing process will be the same. If doing the closing via Skype, the mortgage loan officer will be with the borrower notarizing the loan, and a CU Companies closer will be available via Skype.

Production & Recording Department

We started out offering first mortgage title commitments and within three months we began issuing Junior Commitments and O&E Reports. Shortly thereafter, we began offering recording services as a convenience for our partners.

With the ability to eRecord, we can normally record documents the same day we receive them. Once recorded, they are returned to us electronically within a day or two from the county recorders offices. This shrinks the "gap" period and keeps CU Title compliant with underwriter requirements. Whether you want title work, flood certifications or documents recorded, we are your full-service title company. We take pride in the fact that we are at the front of the pack regarding technology and service, and we are able to handle all your title needs right here in our office.

Paperless Closer

CU Title has implemented a communication and document sharing system called Paperless Closer. Because this system is paperless, you have more time to focus on service.

Paperless Closer is a feature tied to our title software. It provides the lenders access to the progress and status of their files and allows them to view the actual images. These images include their title commitments, flood certifications, closing packages, recorded documents, and final title policies.

  • The system is easy to learn and user-friendly.
  • You have access to your documents 24/7.
  • Free user account set-up is included.

Convenient Title Closing Locations 

CU Companies has closing offices at our main location in New Brighton as well many of our owner credit union branches in the metro area. Ask your closer for details.

Contact us for rate chart information.

For more information, or to get started, please contact Debbie Mattson at CU Title Services Manager, at dmattson@cucompanies.com or call 1-800-766-5626.