Retail Lending

Retail Lending Channel | CU Companies | New Brighton, MN

CU Mortgage's Retail Lending channel allows you to be one-on-one with your borrower, assisting in their home-buying process by using our straightforward electronic application, HomeLoan Express.

  • It's easy to meet RESPA's earned fee requirements to obtain your compensation
  • All performance requirements (taking documents, providing disclosures, etc.) are components of the HomeLoan Express platform
  • The system continues to be seamless while you count on the revenue it generates

Our duties to you and your borrowers remain the same; we will continue to keep personalized services as our lighthouse while also assuming the legal requirements in this heavy regulatory/compliance environment.

Retail territory map – Accurate as of 01/09/2017

Approved State List

CU Mortgage is licensed to lend in numerous states throughout the nation for both Correspondent and Retail Lending channels. We are able to serve your borrowers that may reside outside of our original territory of Minnesota. We are the provider that has the essential mortgage expertise you are looking for, wherever your borrowers may be.